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Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier (b. January 12, 1944) is a world famous former boxer and world Heavyweight champion. Among other things, Frazier is famous for his trilogy of fights with Muhammad Ali, of which their third bout, the Thrilla In Manila has been considered by many to be boxing's greatest bout ever. Frazier's nickname is Smokin' Joe.
See for yourself a young and prime Joe Frazier simply brutalize the likes of Jerry Quarry, Bob Foster, Jimmy Ellis and Ron Stander.

Joe Frazier Bob Foster   KO 2     Commentary by Cossell
Joe Frazier George Chuvalo   TKO 4     Silent audio - Colour
Joe Frazier George Foreman i TKO'd by 2     Commentary by Cossell - Young Foreman bludgeons Frazier
Joe Frazier George Foreman ii TKO'd by 5     Commentary by Cossell
Joe Frazier Jerry Quarry ii TKO 5     Commentary by Dunphy - Joe asks ref. to stop the fight
Joe Frazier Jimmy Ellis i TKO 5     Commentary by Cossell
Joe Frazier Jimmy Ellis ii TKO 9      
Joe Frazier Joe Bugner   W 12     Pre-fight footage with Frazier
Joe Frazier Jumbo Cummings   D 10      
Joe Frazier Oscar Bonavena   W 10   Classic Sports Joe does not have an easy time with ultra tough Bonavena
Joe Frazier Ron Stander   TKO 5   Blended Version A virtual "bloodbath" as Joe brutalizes Stander
Joe Frazier Ron Stander   TKO 5     Joe brutalizes Ron - George Chuvalo helps with commentary
Joe Frazier Terry Daniels   TKO 4 24 min B&W  

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