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Joe Louis

All time great! The Brown Bomber was one of the most feared fighting machines in boxing history.

Fighter Opponent   Result / Rounds Date / Time Network Comments
Joe Louis Abe Simon ii KO 6     Louis hammers big man
Joe Louis Al McCoy   TKO 6     The legend Joe Louis takes care of business
Joe Louis Billy Conn i KO 13     Hi-Lites Only
Joe Louis Billy Conn ii KO 8     Hi-Lites Only
Joe Louis Bob Pastor i W 10      
Joe Louis Bob Pastor ii KO 11     Joe wins by KO this time
Joe Louis Buddy Baer i WD 7      
Joe Louis Buddy Baer ii KO 1     Louis always better the second time around
Joe Louis James Braddock   KO 8     Hi-Lites Only
Joe Louis Johnny Paycheck   KO 2     Joe dominates all comers
Joe Louis King Levinski   KO 1     Another day at the office
Joe Louis Max Baer   KO 4     Too much punishment for Max
Joe Louis Max Schmeling i KO'd by 12 19-Jun-1936   Hi-Lites Only
Joe Louis Max Schmeling ii KO 1     Joe demolishes Max displaces vertebrae with body shot
Joe Louis Nathan Mann   KO 3     Mann not man enough to beat Louis
Joe Louis Omelio Agramonte   W 10      
Joe Louis Tony Galento   TKO 4 28-Jun-1939   Louis knocked down!

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