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Carlos Monzon


Carlos Monzon (August 7, 1942 - January 8, 1995) was an Argentinean boxer who held the world middleweight title for 7 years, during which he made a then division record of 14 defenses. read more >

Middleweight king dominated an era with cool deadly precision. Inside the ring he dominated and brutalized those who dared challenge him with an educated jab, powerful punching and the will of a champion.

Carlos Monzon Bernie Briscoe   W 15     RARE - Silent audio - Handheld camera
Carlos Monzon Denny Moyer   TKO 5      
Carlos Monzon Emile Griffith i TKO 14   B&W Some picture disruptions
Carlos Monzon Emile Griffith ii W 15     Commentary by Cossell
Carlos Monzon Gratien Tonna   KO 5      
Carlos Monzon Jean Claude Bouttier   KO 13   Colour Version Commentary by Cossell - post-fight footage
Carlos Monzon Jean Claude Bouttier   KO 13   B&W Commentary by Cossell
Carlos Monzon Jose Napoles   TKO 7   British Post-fight footage with Angelo Dundee
Carlos Monzon Jose Napoles   TKO 7   British British Commentary
Carlos Monzon Nino Benvenuti i TKO 12     See the crowning of a new middleweight king
Carlos Monzon Nino Benvenuti ii TKO 3     Commentary by Cossell - Color
Carlos Monzon Nino Valdez ii W 15   CBS Monzon down - he gets up to win in his last ever fight
Carlos Monzon Tom Bogs   TKO 5   Foreign Broadcast  
Carlos Monzon Tony Licata   TKO 10     From Madison Square Gardens
Carlos Monzon Tony Mundine   KO 7      

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