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Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard (b. May 17, 1956) is an American boxer. Born Ray Charles Leonard, after the singing legend Ray Charles, Leonard later adopted the nickname used by Sugar Ray Robinson. read more >

Lightning flurries, powerful combinations, slick moves and beautiful footwork. In his prime Ray Leonard had it all.

Ray Leonard Adolpho Viruet   W 10      
Ray Leonard Andres Aldama   Amateur     Olympic Gold Medal Win
Ray Leonard Andy Price   KO 1     Price cannot hold off Ray's firepower
Ray Leonard Armando Muniz   KO 1      
Ray Leonard Augustine Estrada   KO 5      
Ray Leonard Ayub Kalule   TKO 9     Ray is in his prime and is too tough to be beaten
Ray Leonard Bernardo Prada   W 10     Commentary by Larry Merchant
Ray Leonard Bruce Curry   Amateur      
Ray Leonard Bruce Finch   KO 3   British Leonard destroys Finch
Ray Leonard Clinton McKenzie   Amateur      
Ray Leonard Daniel Gonzales   KO 1   ABC Commentary by Cossell - Loads of pre-fight footage
Ray Leonard Danny Gonzales   KO 1     Commentary by Cossell - Short version
Ray Leonard Davey Boy Green   KO 4     Ray Leonard at his best
Ray Leonard Dick Ecklund   W 10     Commentary by Larry Merchant
Ray Leonard Donny LaLonde   TKO 9     Ray as a light heavyweight - gets off the canvas to KO Donny
Ray Leonard Fernand Marcotte   TKO 8     Ray dominates and destroys
Ray Leonard Floyd Mayweather   TKO 10   ABC Commentary by Cossell
Ray Leonard Frank Santore   KO 5     Commentary by Cossell
Ray Leonard Geraldo Marcos   W 10     Ray passes the test against a bigger man
Ray Leonard Hector Camacho   TKO'd by 5     Commentary by Sean O'Grady - Sad end to Leonard's career
Ray Leonard Johnny Gant   KO 8     Ray early in his career continues to prove his worth
Ray Leonard Kamnev   Amateur   Classic Sports  
Ray Leonard Kazimier Szczerba   Amateur      
Ray Leonard Kevin Howard   KO 9   HBO Pre- & post-fight footage - Ray down for the 1st time
Ray Leonard Larry Bonds   TKO 10     Marvin Hagler helps with commentary
Ray Leonard Marvin Hagler   W 12     Ray wins middleweight championship-his greatest comeback
Ray Leonard Paul Sherry   Amateur      
Ray Leonard Pete Ranzany   TKO 4      
Ray Leonard Rafael Rodriguez   W 10      
Ray Leonard Rocky Ramon   W 8      
Ray Leonard Silver   Amateur      
Ray Leonard Terry Norris   L 12      
Fighter Opponent   Result / Rounds Date / Time Network Comments
Ray Leonard Thomas Hearns i       Great battle - both fighters in their prime
Ray Leonard Thomas Hearns ii       Ray gets a gift decision
Ray Leonard Tony Chiaverini   KO 4     Commentary by Cossell
Ray Leonard Toro "Bull" Vega   W 6   Blended Version Pro-debut - Jerry Quarry sharing commentary
Ray Leonard Ulf Carrison   Amateur      
Ray Leonard Ulrich beyer   Amateur      
Ray Leonard Valery Limasov   Amateur      
Ray Leonard Wilfred Benitez   TKO 15     Commentary by Cossell
Ray Leonard Willie Rodriguez   W 6      

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