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Earnie Shavers

Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes considered Earnie Shavers to be one of the hardest punchers in heavyweight history.

Earnie Shavers Bernardo Mercado   TKO'd by 7     Earnie hits Marcado so hard it splits his glove open
Earnie Shavers Henry Clark ii KO 2     Shavers makes short work of Clark in their second bout
Earnie Shavers Howard Smith   KO 2   CBS Commentary by Jerry Quarry
Earnie Shavers James Tillis   L 10      
Earnie Shavers Ken Norton   KO 1     Commentary by Cossell
Earnie Shavers Ron Lyle   KO'd by 7     RARE - Silent audio - Handheld camera
Earnie Shavers Roy Tiger Williams   KO 10     Last round exciting give and take brawl

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